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17th November 2023 | Blog

BEMODERN Ltd: Empowering Josh’s Karate Journey

BEMODERN Ltd. proud sponsors of Joshua Parkin, (son of our very own Ryan Carr) a Karate World Champion. At the age of 8, we celebrate Josh’s exceptional talent and support him on his remarkable winning journey, medal by medal. Stay tuned for upcoming competition updates and insights into Josh’s progress throughout the year.

Meet Josh: The Young Karate Prodigy Taking Europe by Storm

In the quiet town of Whitburn, resides a young prodigy, Joshua, an 8-year-old dynamo with an unwavering dedication to his craft. A member of the prestigious DKA DOKAN Karate Association, Joshua’s journey in the world of karate began nearly three years ago, and in that brief time, he has achieved what most only dream of in a lifetime.

DOKAN Karate Club, with sessions in Cleadon, Whitburn, Fulwell, and Redhouse Sunderland, serves as the training ground for this remarkable young talent. Joshua, a purple belt holder, is not just a local champion but an emerging force in the UK and European karate circuits.

Training six days a week, Joshua’s commitment is palpable, spending countless hours perfecting his skills both in the dojo and at home. His passion for the sport is evident in his relentless practice and unwavering focus.

His accolades speak volumes. With an impressive medal and trophy count, Joshua isn’t just a participant; he’s a dominant force in competitions. Having clinched multiple victories, he consistently outshines his competitors, making his mark on the medal tables.

Recent triumphs at The Kanzen Cup and the World Championships in Dundee showcased Joshua’s prowess, claiming gold, silver, and bronze, solidifying his status as a world champion in individual kata for the 7-11 age group.

However, Joshua’s journey is far from over. His sights are set on the upcoming European Championships in France, where he aims to further solidify his standing as a karate virtuoso. The anticipation is high as this event will be streamed on YouTube, allowing fans and supporters to witness Joshua’s talent on a global stage.

Looking forward, the young karate sensation is gearing up for the Malta Open in March, with a packed schedule ahead for 2024. While many events are in the pipeline, Joshua’s participation remains tentative, promising an exciting and eventful year for this budding martial arts superstar.

Stay tuned as Joshua continues his remarkable journey, representing not just his club but inspiring young talents across the globe with his dedication, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of karate. Follow his journey on the mats, marking milestones and aiming for greatness.