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6th May 2022 | Blog

Fuscia Pink for Maximalism

In direct contrast to the pristine grey and white home interior style which has dominated home style for so long, a new, bright and exciting trend has emerged. Colourful and Maximalist Interiors have made their way into the spotlight in 2022, and are set to take over the market!



Colours have great influence over our mood, cognitive functions and productivity, meaning loud and vibrant colours create feelings of passion, energy and joy! One colour in particular which is making a huge impact on the home décor scene is Fuchsia Pink.  Popular in the early 2010s this vivid shade is making a comeback! Adding some bold pink features into a typically neutrally decorated space adds a more Maximalist design aesthetic and create a more modern and contemporary look.

It’s easy to incorporate some colourful elements into your home, and lean towards a maximalist style without the need for a complete home renovation! There are a number of ways to make small adaptations to completely transform the appearance and atmosphere of your space:

Neon Lights

A new emerging trend of Neon Lights indoors is set to continue growing in popularity in 2022. From the same neon family that Fuchsia Pink stems, these ultra-modern signs are a perfect accent detail to bring some colour into your home. With options of words or symbols, these fluorescent décor pieces are not just a statement piece in your home but also about your home, and can be utilised to express the personality of those who inhabit the space. A great alternative to traditional art or a TV above your fireplace, these signs can be used to tie in the colours of the room!


Another key element of Maximalism is playing with fun patterns. Contrasting strong patterned features alongside colour and texture is a sure way to help achieve a modern maximalist look. Fuchsia Pink is beautifully offset by a bold patterned rug or wallpaper, creating layers on which to build the remainder of the look.


Maximalism is about joy and wild creation, and no décor item is better fitted to such a description than indoor plants! An enormous trend for 2022, the green colour and natural texture indoor plants add to a space works to enhance a colourful, maximalist style interior. Hanging from the ceiling and resting on the fireplace mantle, more is more in Maximalism!


Calleos 600CF

Changing small details like this, allows you to ensure your larger scale furniture items, such as your fireplace, is always ahead of the trends and looks beautiful throughout the years, even through the seasons and trend changes!

Our Hartley Micro Marble and our Calleos 600CF Gas Fireplaces showcase this stunning style. With simplistic, classic and subtle lines and features to each fire, they can be easily incorporated into any room regardless of personal taste.

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