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9th May 2024 | Blog

Atlanta Bathrooms Unveils Next Generation Brochure, Redefining Bathroom Design and Experience


Atlanta Bathrooms has announced the launch of its Complete Collection Brochure, which it says sets ‘a new standard in bathroom design inspiration and user experience’. Inspired by a commitment to serve both customers and consumers better, Atlanta Bathrooms has merged its Next Generation and Complete Collection brochures into a single, comprehensive guide. This move aims to streamline access to its extensive product portfolio while introducing innovative solutions to meet evolving market needs.

The new brochure boasts several features designed to enhance usability and engagement:

1. New Build Section: A dedicated segment breaks down the main components of building bathroom furniture, providing readers with a snapshot of possibilities and easy access to detailed information.

2. Clear Specifications: Balancing comprehensive information with simplicity, the brochure offers vital specifications without overwhelming readers. Additional technical details are available on the website for those seeking more in-depth knowledge.

3. Transparent Pricing: Atlanta Bathrooms continues its tradition of presenting pricing as Recommended Retail Prices (RRPs). The new brochure streamlines this information, presenting dimensions, size options, and RRPs in a visually appealing format for easy decision-making.

4. Inspirational Pages: Atlanta Bathrooms’ in-house CGI team has curated on-trend interior designs, ensuring every roomset complements the featured furniture pieces. The aim is to inspire without disconnecting from real-life home environments.

5. Brand Alignment: Atlanta Bathrooms’ rich heritage of 60 years in business shines through in the new brochure, reflecting the company’s commitment to premium construction, on-trend designs, and superior finishes.

6. User-Friendly Segmentation: Organised into clear sections – Introductions, Vanity, Fitted & Finishing Touches – the brochure enables users to find what they need quickly and effortlessly.

The Complete Collection brochure is available for download on Atlanta Bathrooms’ website, and physical copies can be found at all approved retailers and merchants across the UK. A ‘find a retailer’ feature on the website facilitates locating the nearest stockist. Additionally, Atlanta Bathrooms’ showvan will be touring showrooms nationwide, providing customers with a firsthand look at the new Vanity range.

“We’re thrilled with the positive feedback we’ve received from our sales team, wider business, and customer base. The new brochure represents a significant milestone in our journey to deliver unparalleled bathroom solutions.”