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Jura – Sage Green

Less is more. Combine the simplicity of this contemporary fascia design with complementing or contrasting accent panels and bring the outside in with natural stone effect finishes.

Product Features

3 contemporary colour finishes

7 accenting panel options

18mm cut & edged MFC fascias

Durable impact resistant Accent panel edging

Luxurious soft-close doors/drawers

Customise with a plinth or decorative leg, alternatively suspend for a sleek look

Complete with a signature basin and elegant countertop


Basin Units

Standard Depth

(H)640mm (820 with legs) x (D)360mm

500mm JU50BU £393.08
600mm JU60BU £421.85

Slimline Depth

(H)640mm (820 with legs) x (D)245mm

500mm 2/JU50BU £393.08
600mm 2/JU60BU £421.85

Basin Units With Drawers

Standard Depth

(H)640mm (820 with legs) x (D)360mm

600mm JU60DBU £633.38

WC Unit

Standard Depth

(H)820mm x (D)360mm

600mm JU60WCUC £695.90

Slimline Depth

(H)820mm x (D)245mm

600mm 2/JU60WCUC £695.90

Base Units

Standard Depth

(H)640mm (820 with legs) x (D)360mm

175mm JU175B £252.76
350mm JU350B £280.43
350mm Drawerline JU350DLB £375.83

Slimline Depth

(H)640mm (820 with legs) x (D)245mm

175mm 2/JU175B £252.76
350mm 2/JU350B £280.43

Wall Units

One Door

(H)800mm x (D)220mm

175mm JU175W £232.20
350mm JU35W £299.06

Two Door

(H) 800mm x (D) 220mm

600mm JU60W £450.04

Mirrored Wall Units

Standard Depth

(H) 800mm x (D) 210mm

350mm R/35TWM/SC £455.41
600mm R/60TWM/SC £644.62

Slimline Depth

(H) 800mm x (D) 150mm

600mm R/60TWM/SL/SC £644.62

Accent Panels For Base Units

Standard Depth

(D) 365mm x (T) 15mm

(H) 640mm AP640 £57.65
(H) 820mm AP820 £68.00

Slimline Depth

(D) 250mm x (T) 15mm

(H) 640mm 2/AP640 £47.30
(H) 820mm 2/AP820 £53.22

Accent Panels For Wall Units

Standard Wall Unit

(D) 220mm x (T) 15mm

(H) 800mm APW800 £50.26

Standard Mirror Wall Unit

(D) 210mm x (T) 15mm

(H) 800mm APMW800 £48.78

Slimline Mirror Wall Unit

(D) 150mm x (T) 15mm

(H) 800mm 2/APMW800 £42.86

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