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What is a 7 day programmable remote control?

With the 7 day programmable remote control, you can efficiently set your electric fires on/off times every day of the week to ensure you are keeping warm and cosy at the times you need it, thus saving energy and money when you’re not.

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How much does it cost to run an electric fire?

Electric fires are extremely efficient and have the added benefit of instantly being able to turn on & off, so you can rest assured your only using the minimum electricity required. Our FLARE fires generally have a 2kW heater and use minimal electricity to power the LED lights. For example: a 2kW heater on for 5 hours a day over 1 month would cost circa £63. All our electric fires have a flame effect only setting and the equivalent would cost just £0.40 over the month. (Based on 20.8p p/kWh).

Where can I get a copy of the installation instructions?

All our product pages have downloadable copies of the instructions.

Where can I purchase spare parts?

Spare parts can be ordered via our customer service team.

Tel: 0191 430 0901 option 4

Can I mount a TV above my fire?

Yes, you can. Minimum distances may be required. Please consult our installation instructions for further information.

Do I need an engineer to install my electric heating appliance?

We recommend you discuss installation with your local stockist who will be able to advise you on the best option depending on the product. FLARE flat to wall electric fireplaces only require a socket and can be pushed up to a flat wall. Some inset electric fires may require additional building work. If in doubt, please contact your nearest stockist and/or electrician.

How much mess will the installation make?

Generally as a rule of thumb, not much at all. This will depend on your current set up and any prep work that may be required. It’s best to speak with your nearest stockist who will best advice.

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Where can I obtain a brochure?

The fastest and most environmentally friendly way is via our brochure download page or we can post a copy out once you have filled in our brochure request form.
You can also get your hands on a brochure via your local FLARE retailer.

Where can I see your products on display? (and/or) How do I find my nearest stockist?

We have videos on our product pages (if available) or you can visit our Vimeo or You Tube accounts (Links). We do however recommend you visit your nearest stockist (link) as our fires are made to be viewed and really do look incredible close up.

Can I buy direct from FLARE?

We do not sell direct to the public, you will need to purchase from your chosen FLARE stockist.

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Do I need to clean the fire?

Cleaning or polishing products are not recommended. Fingerprints or other marks on the front glass panel can be removed by a piece of soft, damp, lint free cloth with a good quality household glass cleaner. The front glass panel should always be completely dried with a clean, lint free cloth or paper towel.
CAUTION: Abrasive cleaners should not be used on the glass panel. Liquids should not be sprayed directly onto any surface of the unit. For further information please see our product instructions.

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How do I register my warranty?

All our electric fires come with a standard 1 year warranty and you do not need to register your product for this.
We do however offer an extended 3 year & 5 year warranty on certain products. You can register these product via our online form.

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Can I return my fire should it not be suitable?

You will need to discuss your return options with the stockist you purchased your product from.

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