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Choosing the Perfect Stove

Just the sight of the shimmering embers and bright flames will make you especially glad to be home.

Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional or your own personal mixture; there’s a stove to match from the FLARE stove collection. Offering a wide choice of multifuel, electric and gas stoves in solid cast iron or steel.

Each type of fuel has its special advantages in terms of convenience, efficiency, environmental quality and natural character. What they share is cast iron’s timeless texture that enables your stove to make itself at home in town or country for generations.

The Multifuel way
What you see through the stove window is a natural fire and what you feel throughout the room is soft radiant heat. These stoves are the highest in heat output and green credentials in the stove range, and so efficient most are approved for use in Smoke Control Areas.

The Gas Fired way
The gas fired range of stoves combine ease of control with enough output to heat a room effectively thanks to the sturdy construction and the efficiency of the burners. And those flames you see coaxing the coals or logs into a blaze – they’re real.

The Electric way
The stove in its most convenient form – that’s the electric option. Summon up heat at the touch of a button; or simply enjoy the flickering, realistic flame effect if the weather’s warm or the central
heating is on. There’s no need for a flue. It can be installed instantly.

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