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Choosing Your Perfect Fireplace

Micro Marble Electric Fireplaces

These complete fireplaces include the micro marble surround as well as the electric fire. All micro marble electric fireplaces have been meticulously designed by Elgin & Hall to perfectly complement each other. This guarantees you get a perfect product every time. Generally flat to wall installations make these a firm favourite for quick, hassle free installations.

A micro marble fireplace is made of real marble that has been reconstituted, ground in to a fine powder and then mixed with our high quality resin to be reformed in to a 20mm thick slab. These micro marble slabs show uniform patterns which are perfect for producing an incredible looking fireplace. At Elgin & Hall we utilise state of the art CNC precision machining and tools that only we can use. This makes Elgin & Hall micro marble fireplaces unique to other manufacturers.

Timber Electric Fireplaces

A timber electric fireplace or also known as an electric suite, is again a complete fireplace, this includes the timber surround and electric fire. Generally flat to wall installations make these a firm favourite for quick, hassle free installations. Instant heat via a convenient remote control can provide up to 2kW of heat. Available in a selection of classic colours and finishes make sure your new timber electric fireplace will stand the test of time for years to come.

Micro Marble Gas Fireplaces

Offered with a host of flue options from Class 1 & 2 to Pre-Cast flues, Elgin & Hall micro marble gas fireplaces include the micro marble surround and gas fire. These are designed and developed in-house to ensure maximum compatibility from both a technical and aesthetic point. Gas fireplaces offer amazing flame effects and produce high heat outputs when required. Check out the latest micro marble gas fireplaces here.

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Before fitting your surround, you will need to find professional advice via our UK wide network of Elgin & Hall approved retailers, especially with the type of fire you are wanting. More on that here.

 Your perfect size

The fireplace size is a very important factor. If you go too small, your room will overpower it, too large and the fireplace will overpower your room. Other factors will influence the size of your fireplace such as your chimney breast size, existing chimney opening and type of flue. Should you need to widen the chimney opening based on the fire if it is inset, you may need to carry out structural alterations such as adding a lintel. Again, our Elgin & Hall approved retailers can advise you.

Elgin & Hall also offer a bespoke hearth service so you can always cover up an existing carpet cut out from a previous hearth. Take a look at our selection of surrounds here

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