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Extensive Choice

At Elgin & Hall We provide an extensive choice of electric and gas fires with options to suit your home. Whether you have a traditional brick chimney, pre-cast flue or no flue at all, we have a model to fit.


Energy Efficient

Connect with clean, instant, efficient and thermostatically controlled heat, producing up to 2kW of heat. With the option of a flame effect only setting. Powered by energy efficient LED lights, you can enjoy a comforting glow without the need to generate heat, saving on your energy usage.

Open or Glass Fronted

Elgin and Hall offer both glass fronted and open fronted electric fires. It is down to personal preference as to which you chose. This does not affect the performance of the fire.


Electric fires are extremely versatile as they can allow just about anyone to have a fire within their home. With a vast array of styles and designs you can rest assured there will always be an Elgin & Hall electric fire to suit your design preference.

Easy installation

Incredibly easy to install! Just plug in to a 13 amp socket and switch on. With an electric fire you do not have the need for a chimney, which frees up many installation locations within your home. No need for a chimney either!

Simple to operate

Turn on your electric fire in an instant via a convenient remote control or easily reached manual switch. Elgin & Hall electric fires are thermostatically controlled via the remote. This continues to monitor the ambient room temperature and will automatically adjust the heat output required to meet your perfect room temperature. This not only gives you peace of mind but saves energy too.

Safe & reliable

Elgin & Hall have meticulously invested in certification for all electric fires to ensure they meet the highest of standards. These certifications include: UKCA, CE, BEAB Approved, Weee, RoHS Compliant. With an electric fire, regular servicing is not required, saving you money.


Luxurious lapping flames

An Elgin & Hall gas fire will provide the most luxurious and authentic flame effect. With an array of fuel bed types and burner styles.

Energy Efficient

High heat efficiencies and low running costs are great benefits of owning and running an Elgin & Hall gas fire. Gas fires offer authentic flames at an affordable price.

Open or Glass Fronted

Elgin and Hall offer both glass fronted and open fronted gas fires. It is down to efficiency and personal preference as to which you chose. Glass fronted gas fires are more efficient than open fronted.

Clean and low maintenance

With an Elgin & Hall gas fire, there is no need to supply and prep solid fuel such as wood. The gas supply is generally not interrupted, so its always available for when you need it.

Simple to operate

With smartslide controls and instant feedback, a gas fire is extremely easy to use and adjust. Gas fires usually have more than 1 heat setting allowing you to turn the heat up in the winter and down in the spring.


A gas fire is always a sound investment and an asset to your home. These provide a focal point to your home that will last for many years to come and help increase the property’s value.

Your perfect size

The fire size is a very important factor. You will need to decide on the correct heat output depending on your room size and/or requirements. The smaller sized fires are generally 16” or 22” wide, these are perfect for a surround with back panel cut out. Elgin and Hall also manufacture large format fires in a portrait ot landscape aspect.

Find a Retailer

Before deciding on your fire, you will need to find professional advice via our UK wide network of Elgin & Hall approved retailers. They have a wealth of knowledge and will be able to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Find a Retailer