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A wide range of flue options

Chimneys and flues only apply to gas fires and Elgin & Hall have a range of options to suit. The following flue types are commonly found in UK home up & down the country.


Easily recognizable from the stack above the roof line (usually with a pot or gas terminal). Once the fire is sealed into the chimney cavity, any harmful gases are expelled up the chimney itself and out of the roof. Any of our gas fires can be installed here.


Identifiable by the metal flue and terminal of the roof, this flue system is suitable for all our gas fires. Piping from your flue right down to your fire transports the gases from the fire and out of the house. Again this flue is suitable for installation with any of our gas fires.


Recognisable by a ridge vent on the roof line, and built from concrete or clay blocks, usually within the wall cavity, the expelled gases are vented through this shallow passage and out of the roof. Pre-cast flues are perfect for our Slimline or Deepline* Radiant gas fires. *Deepline Radiant fire suitable when installed with a 75mm rebated surround.


Identified by a round flue installed directly through an external wall or the roof. Our balanced flue fire is completely sealed from the front, allowing air to circulate through the flue to the rear of the fire. Cold air is sucked into the fire to combust and the gases are expelled via the same point. This fire is highly efficient due to its airtight installation and can be installed without a chimney breast.

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